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ideas to improve the guild

now that we have a lot more members, we need some ideas to improve the guild. maybe set runs for set times? maybe people need some help with there class? idk, post your ideas.....

We should do guild runs where everything gets DE'd. The Infinite Dust at first will be used to make bolts of Imbued Frostweave for making Frostweave Bags. After all members of a selected rank and a small amount in the GB are made start selling bags and mats on AH to increase giuld income.
  Then set a low to midrange rank that people can be moved in and out of on a weekly bases based on giuld farming participation that allows guild paid repairs (for guild runs only).
  We have 2 level 80 Healers and several Tanks so we can run 2 groups in instances to farm green items to DE otheres members can have a Frostweave cloth quota to be eligable for the min. set rank. The GB tab log tells who puts what items in and when so we can track it. The shards should be sold in AH for income after we have several stacks in the GB for enchanting.
  I think this will help increase participation and help the guilg as a whole. this could also be used as a recruiting tool to more raid ready members.

might think about helping/runnig the members that are lower lvl and donlt have lvl 80's yet. Why should they be in the guild if we never help them. The more we help them the quicker they can help us as a guild. And I'm not saying do nothing but run low lvls throu instances over and over and all come running every time they get ganked just yet them know we are there for them on group quest and stuff like that. If they use our help the right way it only takes a few min.

I toyally agree  Razz

Jr those are all GREAT ideas..cause I for one can say that we all HATE farming and doing it together will make it more worthwhile!! Also good point about us 80's never taking the time to help our lowbies..we should thats why they are there.  Another thing we could do with the runs we go on have contests once aweek/month and get some decent BOE gear outta different level classes as a reward and incentive for gathering or say most wins in a BG or such...I think thats all I have to add.. XD
The infamous Master Mage.. hehehehe

Khally right, us 80's should be helping ppl get geared and lvl.  I also say that since we have new members we should redo the vote on guild run times. Forum Index -> The Peacemakers
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