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best times for guild runs for you?

please post your best time to run guild runs. we would like to keep it to 3 offical guild runs a week. but we need to set times that are good for everybody. the tuesday night run will stay, but the other 2 can be changed to fit most of the guilds sechdule so we can all get in on the action....

please dont post what time you get off work and what not, as this is the internet, and i dont want you to get raped in a parking lot....

well mondays and tuesdays are usually best for me

Friday/Saturday nights cause I am off on weekends, but Monday to Thursday, anything after 6PM server time is when I am heading to bed...

i'm free anytime.  Smile

Hopefully, its better for me on week end, till i'm getting over with my last year of graduation. My last session and my last training period is starting soon (13 january till may).

Best times for drew are friday, sat and sunday anytime.

after voting, it looks like the best times are the tuesday night run, and the weekends. ill be refining the times this week, but its looking like tuesday night sunday afternoon are set. please vote on the next round of times.

having set times should fix the problem of people accepting invites then not showing up for the run....

Starting on the 12th and every second fri i can do any instance in the evning time

things are looking like tues and thurs nights, and sat-sun afternoons. ill have it all done by tonight..... Forum Index -> The Peacemakers
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