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add ons (updated)

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add ons (updated)
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here are all the add ons im using

Click to see full size image

you can find all these add on at


this is for all the action bars, as well as exp bar and pet/vechile bars. whats great is it give you 10 actions bars and you can move them where ever you want on the screen. you can also add key bindings to all of them


this is my threat bars. i use them for tanking to see if im going to loose threat or not, but you can use it to see if your going to pull threat. this is great for dps to focus fire on the mob that the tank has the most threat on, also to let you know when to back off if you in danger of pulling threat off the mob. the only bad thing i can say about this is it dosent keep records like recount, so as a tank i can see what causes the most threat to better plan pulls


this is the thing that i am always posting in party chat about dmg done, dps and all that jazz. it is the defacto dmg metter and is a great way to set up your best rotation to max dps. you can use this and the dummies in ironforge to make sure YOU HAS BIG NUMBERZ! it also shows healing done, cc, interupts, despells, and everything else you can think of (except threat Sad )


this is a simple cordnates add on. great when you check with thotbot for where stuff is. i usualy keep it right under the server clock on the map


this is a rad add on that lets you see how an item will affect your stats before you equip it. i use it so i can focus on my tank stats. if your going to use only one addon, this is the one you should use. it dosent show the + - of armor value, but it shows everything else. all you have to do is hover your mouse over the item. hold down the shift key and you can compare it to the item you have equiped.

if you use any others, post them!

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Joined: 28 Dec 2008
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TOONNAME: biggameover

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EDIT: sage sucks. xperl is better in every way...

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Hey guys I told some of you I would be posting some of my add-ons here, but were I got all the screen shots and started editing them I realized I have a ton. I have almost 90 screen shots most of witch are self-explanatory I will work on getting everything titled and a description on soon. To keep from filling up this post with pic.s I'm going to just link my photobucket  and you can go there to see them. I have only uploaded the ones I like and use all the time, in the next few weeks I will add the ones I don't like and why. So here it is I hope you get some use out of it and
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Other great add ons are:

DBM (Deadly Boss Mods). It is a raid and party timer for important boss moves. Wanna know 10 seconds before locust swarm goes off so you can get the hell out of there and take no damage? DBM will let you know as well as many other things. It's a must if you plan on raiding.

X-Pearl. It's an awesome unit frame add on that has tons of customizations. Wanna be able to see the whole raid group cause you're a healer? Want nifty pics that move and are specified not only to your race and class but your gear as well? Tada! X-pearl is there for you. Not only can it do all that but it has both actual numbers or percentages for your health, mana, and even runic power. Plus it lso shows the health of enemies and their mana with a built in cast timer right over their names. I love it.

Atlas Loot. Atlas loot is a go to guide for almost every piece of loot in the game. It has every thing from badges of heroism down to every single crafted item and who can make it. Rep factions items and their required rep before you can get it and even pvp sets. From VC to Ulduar it's the loot guide you need to get geared.

Gatherer. Tired of trying to find that damned node of titanium in Icecrown? Hard finding herbs to mill? Gather will not only keep a record of every single thing you farm but you can also share it with your guildies and m8's in the game. Plus it also displays them on your minimap so you don't need to keep hitting the M key for the big one. If you wanna make money off of your profession this is the add on for you.

I'll repeat Biggy because they are very important add ons to have, if you don't have them get them and use them constantly.

Omen. Wonder why you keep getting killed by mobs? Ever pull the boss away from the tank and get face raped? It's prolly cause you're too powerful and need to take a chill pill. Omen will let you know when you're about to get bent over by the boss in time for you to stop that rad dps for a moment and still live to tell about it.

Recount. While I think it lies constantly and has horrible syncing with party and raid mates it is incredibly useful. It shows you how much damage, healing, and a bunch of other important things in an easy to read and postable way. Especialy useful if you wanna try a new spec to crank out those few more points of dps or heals.

Ratings buster. Useful because not only does it show you what matters about your gear but it also changes the EP (evaluation points) based upon your current spec. Plus it takes a lot of time away from doing calculus just to figure out what your stats should be and the impact each one will have.

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