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Post Geared  Reply with quote
Hey everyone just wanted to post about what I think will really help the guild out I went onto wow and got all this info on our gear and where we rank guild wise and as you can see some of our 80's need some help on their gear. So after your look of all of us ill post more at the bottom.
               NAME                                               SPEC                                               SCORE
 1         Cletusbjenki                                      Elemental                                              2008  
 2         Jmaxdub                                           Retribution                                             1848  
 3         Biggameover                                     Protection                                              1809  
 4         Peachflower                                       Demonology                                          1802  
 5         Nessaforyou                                       Demonology                                         1719  
 6         Racks                                                Holy                                                     1714  
 7         Jmax                                                 Arms                                                    1646  
 8         Shyboi                                               Frost                                                    1615  
 9         Khalliauna                                          Frost                                                    1611  
 10       Bigscreen                                         Shadow                                                  1552  
 11       Callianne                                          Survival                                                 1546  
 12       Dellíng                                                 Holy                                                   1539  
 13       Bonstangle                                        Frost                                                     1537  
 14       Drewdizzle                                          Fire                                                     1533  
 15       Zelandonni                                      Subtlety                                                  1519  
 16       Andreana                                      Destruction                                               1519  
 17       Squatch                                            Fury                                                      1487  
 18       Ramorok                                      Destruction                                                1245  
 19       Emperessnott                                    Survival                                                1076  
 20       Shadowsouls                                      Frost                                                      970  
 21       Uncfester                                           Blood                                                     902  
 22       Meatgrindr                                         Blood                                                     883  
 23       Manaloft                                            Blood                                                     802

With the loss of the spor's we are now down to 23 lvl 80's as you can see providing all this info is correct. I know we all change things around so bear with me and I'm not sure if the score is buffed or unbuffed so you'll have to post and let me know. But my idea is to make 1 Heroic and 1 Regular instance a week long guild run to get our gear rankings more evened out as you can see for yourself we really need it and make a weekly attempt at naxx. Imo I really think we are still going to have a hard time downing quarters of naxx if as a guild we can't down all the Heroics. So yes biggy that means H OCC needs to be downed. I feel that if we can easliy down any Heroic we will be much more abled to down quarter after quarter of naxx once we learn the fights. lol and then we can start working on EE and Ulduar. LOL IC is coming we need to get ready whose with me let me know your thoughts and lets progress together I know we can do it we have the best bunch in the game as far as I'm concerned =-) Oh and grats to Cletus a few hundred more points and he will break the top 100 geared list on our server lol then our name will really be out there

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Joined: 28 Dec 2008
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TOONNAME: biggameover

Post Re: Geared Reply with quote
dizzy wrote:
So yes biggy that means H OCC needs to be downed.

hey drew! thanks for singleing me out again! my fav way to wake up in the morning is to rage!

first lets look at that guild page

mainly, the suggested instances row

as you can see, wowheroes says i shouldnt even be bothering with heroics, and i have never completed the heroic OK, GD, or OCC or even got the tank drops from them. this sounds crazy i know, but you dont have to do all the heroics to be ready for naxx

I HAVE A QUESTION! how can i get my gear ready for naxx? am i ready for it now?

thats a good question sally! lets look and the single player page to find out!

the first thing you will notice is the suggested instances bar. drew is already geard for naxx 10 and os 10, and is almost ready for naxx 25!

this page is great to make sure you have everything ready on your gear. a good thing to look at is what you can make better with out even going to an instance

having everything enchanted, and having all the blue versions of gems will up your wowheros score alot. looks like drew needs a couple of enchants, and to upgrade a few gems. further down the page will show what you need to change

anything that has an arrow by it in the enchant row means you can get a better enchant for it. hovering your mouse over the arrow will show you what enchant to get

once you understand the page, you can boost your score and be at the top of the guild chart!


woah, woah, woah, easy billy. as will all sites that use blizzards armory, you have to take it with a grain of salt. back on the guild page....

you can see that wowheros takes a wile to update, and thats all based on if blizz updates the armory. sometimes (mostly after a patch) this can be jacked for weeks. so wile this is a good site to help up your gear and see where you stand, it should not be the end all be all of when we should be going to naxx or not.
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Joined: 28 Dec 2008
Posts: 33
TOONNAME: biggameover

Post Reply with quote
btw drew, wasnt raging on you. just saying that wow heros shouldnt be law, and we can do naxx right now. its more about people doing what you need to do (dont stand in locaus swarm ect) then it is gear......
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Post Ok hope this Information is helpful! Reply with quote
10 Man
(4320000/6minutes) / 60secs = 12000 minimum raid dps
So with the usual 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps.
A minimum average of 1714.29 DPS per person dealing damage to Patchwerk
12000/7ppl = 1714.29
Now hopefully your tanks are doing at least 1k dps each so that would ramp up the DPSer's need for 2k minimum

25 Man
13,000,000hp/6min / 60sec = 36111.11 minimum raid dps
so with only 3 healers on the two tanks and 22 ppl doing damage a minimum of 1641.42 DPS per person is needed
Hopefully your tanks are doing 1k DPS each so you'd need the 20 others doing 1705.56 dps minimum each

Thaddius is the biggest DPS race in Naxx 30,400,000 hit points in 25man 3,850,000 hit points in 10 man also on a 6 minute enrage timer
but as in the Loatheb fight there is a gimmick to increasing DPS

Thats for dps lets you know who is ready you can be geared all you want but if you dps is low won't matter.

Health: 25000 unbuffed
Defense: 540 (Crit immunity)

Spellpower: 1550
Mana regeneration: 700 (is what I was able to get away with)

Paladins mana regeneration: around 200 with 25% crit is a good start

Shamans may have slightly lower mana regen.

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